NSSI Reported the Results of the Project for Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information

Conference ESSII_2On April 29th 2014, at the final conference, the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) reported the results of the EC funded project “Development of Institutional Electronic System at NSSI for EESSI ”.

The event was opened by the Governor of the Institute - Mr Biser Petkov and the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy - Ms Svetlana Diankova.

The actions taken by the institution for the successful implementation of an inter-institutional system for electronic data exchange in the field of social security and the main activities of the project were reported. Special attention was paid to the technical and infrastructure challenges met by the expert team in the process of carrying out the project. The assessment of the external consultant on a prototype working with structured electronic documents was shared. Within the planned project activities, a training of 150 IT and business specialists from the NSSI's local offices on the new software was passed.

The participants in the forum discussed the topic of building a national system of electronic exchange of data between the competent social security institutions. In this regard, the essential role of the Institute in this process (as the competent authority in respect of more than 150 from 350 structured electronic documents for the purposes of electronic data exchange in the field of social security, introduced by the European Commission) was emphasized.

At the end of the conference, the next steps for the development of the system at national and European level scalability through other parallel projects and interaction with other social security institutions and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (as the competent authority for the implementation of the European regulations on coordination of social security schemes) was discussed.