Deputy-Governor of NSSI

Mrs Vesela Nikolova Karaivanova-Nacheva was born in the city of Momchilgrad.

She graduated at the University of National and World Economy with Master’s degree in “Accounting and Control” in 1988. Subsequently she got professional qualifications in Finance, Tax Law and application of International Accountancy Standards.

Professional Experience:

1992 – 1993 – methodologist “Revenues from Legal Entities” at the Local Tax Directorate in Plovdiv and tax inspector at the Tax Office in Karlovo;

1993 – 2000 – methodologist “Indirect Taxes”, chief tax inspector at the Local Tax Directorate in Plovdiv;

2000 –2004 – Head of Audit Department, chief tax inspector in the General Tax Directorate in Sofia, Lozenec Tax office;

May 2004 – April 2005 – member of the 39th National Assembly, member of the “Budget and Finances” Parliamentary Commission, member of the “Agriculture and Forestry” Parliamentary Commission; member of the “Temporary Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Inspecting the Intergovernmental Agreements on Loans Granted to Other Countries”.


In April 2005 she was elected Deputy Governor of the National Social Security Institute by a resolution of the National Assembly with a 4-year mandate. Twice more - in 2009 and 2016 she was subsequently re-elected for the same position.

Proficient in German and Russian languages.

Married with one child.