The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) informs that from 31st of March began the implementation of the Prophylaxis and Rehabilitation Programme. The funds provided for it (according to the State Social Security Budget Act for 2015) are at the amount of 17 683 185 BGN. It is expected that this year about 44 000 individuals will use the allowances for prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

The Programme lasts 10 days. NSSI pays the cost of accommodation and partial food support of 5 BGN for each day of the stay. It also pays up for four basic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures daily for each person in the Programme. The contracts with 12 entities for 41 health-rehabilitation centers (contractors in the Programme) have already been signed.
Allowance for prophylaxis and rehabilitation can be used by all individuals, insured for sickness, maternity and/or accident at work and occupational disease. Their contributions have to be charged or paid for a period of six consecutive calendar months preceding the month in which the rehabilitation is to be started. The disease has to be diagnostically specified and the need of rehabilitation at the time of the allowance has be determined by a GP.
Access to the Programme have also the individuals with personal disability pension. They should neither have reached the age for old age pension, nor to be insured. The term of their disability must not have expired, and the need of rehabilitation has to be identified by a GP.


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