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От 30.09.2019 г. поради ремонт приемната на НОИ в Младост ще бъде временно преместена в сградата на института на бул. "Ал. Стамболийски" 62-64.

NSSI is Successfully Implementing a Preparatory Project for the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information within EU

ESSIIThe National Social Security Institute (NSSI) is successfully implementing the EC funded project“Development of Institutional Electronic System at NSSI for EESSI”, agreed with the European Commission in 2012 as a step in the preparation for the transition to electronic social security data exchange (EESSI) between all member states of the European Union.

As a part of the planned activities, technical infrastructure and a software prototype were developed for processing, storage, verification and sending Structured Electronic Documents (SED) in the field of pensions. Written manuals for experts who will work with the new software were prepared. The project resulted in the training of 150 experts in information services, short-term benefits and pensions, representing the local offices of the Institute throughout the country.

The project is funded as part of EESSI by the European Commission, the total amount of the subsidy being ~ 135 000 BGN. The report on the implementation of the project activities will be officially presented at the closing conference at the end of April 2014.

Preparation for the successful implementation of the specialized software for electronic data exchange in the field of social security in the country will continue to integrate all types of Structured Electronic Documents (SEDs) under the European regulations. Optimization of the data exchange systems with other relevant institutions in the country (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Health, the National Health Insurance Fund, the National Revenue Agency, the Agency for Social Assistance, etc.) is envisaged. The systems, serving SED, will be connected to a common interface, which will be developed and made available by the European Commission. The common system for the exchange of social security information within the European Union is scheduled for September 2016, after which the member states will have two years to integrate their national solutions to it.


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